Orthopedic Care For Your Dislocated Knee: Restoring Stability And Mobility

A dislocated knee is very painful and it is a potentially serious injury that occurs when the bones of your knee joint are forced out of their normal position. Knee dislocations require immediate treatment and specialized orthopedic care to help minimize knee damage, relieve pain and inflammation, and to help restore the stability and mobility of the injured knee. Here are some reasons why you need orthopedic services for your dislocated knee and which treatment options are available.

Parents Top Scoliosis Questions Answered

What is scoliosis—and what are the best treatment options? This spinal condition impacts two to three percent (or six to nine million) children and adults, according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS). If your child or teen has a recent diagnosis or you think they may have this disorder, take a look at the top questions parents have about spinal curvatures. Does the Spine Normally Curve? Yes, the human spine does have normal curves.

PRP Hair Restoration Can Slow Hair Loss And Restore Hair Growth

If you’re concerned about hair loss, you may be looking for treatments that can help. Treatments might slow down the rate of your hair loss or cause new hair to grow. One treatment to consider is PRP hair restoration. You may have heard about PRP therapy as a treatment for bad knees or as a vampire facial to help your skin look younger. PRP contains platelets that have growth factors in them.

What You Need To Know About Online Therapy

When you are dealing with substance or behavioral addictions, it takes a toll not only on you but also everyone around you. In many cases, these addictions can create a pattern of negativity that affect other facets of your life, including relationships and careers. Thankfully, there are treatments you can seek out to help you overcome your addictions and heal. Even better, there are now online therapy options you can take advantage of to heal.