What You Need To Know About Online Therapy

When you are dealing with substance or behavioral addictions, it takes a toll not only on you but also everyone around you. In many cases, these addictions can create a pattern of negativity that affect other facets of your life, including relationships and careers. Thankfully, there are treatments you can seek out to help you overcome your addictions and heal. Even better, there are now online therapy options you can take advantage of to heal. The following is information about online counseling as well as when online counseling can be beneficial in your healing journey.

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is also known as teletherapy. This is a type of counseling that occurs over the internet via video conference instead of in person. You can do online therapy in real-time or via voice memos, texts, or email. Online therapy is not new but has quickly grown in popularity after the worldwide pandemic. It is often used when someone is not well enough to see their medical provider in person. Now online therapy is available to anyone who needs it.

When Should You Use Online Therapy During Your Recovery?

There are certain points during your recovery where online therapy can be helpful. You can use online therapy for your entire journey, but you can also utilize it as you are transitioning from in-person therapy. Online therapy is often used as you are moving into an outpatient program and becoming more independent. This therapy is also helpful when it is too difficult to attend therapy in person.

What Can You Expect from Online Therapy?

When you approach online therapy, you can expect to sign up for a patient portal for your therapist to have access to you. You will make a virtual appointment. During your first visit, there will be some intake information you need to provide to get a baseline of your issues. Your therapist will ask you some questions to get much of this information. After your initial appointment, you and your therapist will decide how often you need to have a session. You may need sessions weekly at first, or you may only need them monthly. The frequency of appointments will be based on your needs. Your therapist may offer to prescribe medications. If this happens, they will monitor you at each appointment, discuss how the medication, see if it is helping you, and so on.

For more information on online therapy, contact a professional near you.