Have Sleep Apnea But Want To Keep Your Beard?

Around 1 in every 3 American men has facial hair, which means a fair proportion of those who are diagnosed with sleep apnea are told they’ll likely need to shave their beards or goatees. Hair can interfere with the way a constant positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask fits, which can reduce the effectiveness of one of the most common sleep apnea treatments. However, it’s possible to treat your sleep apnea without having to shave your hard-earned beard.

Introduction To Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells have been a buzzword for the past decade. Therapies using stem cells show a lot of promise and may provide doctors a way to manage conditions with very few treatment options. But many remain confused about what stem cells are, how they can be used in medicine, and how safe they are. Here is some information to introduce what stem cells are and how they could be used in medicine.

Mistakes to Avoid When Going Through Physical Therapy

Many people recovering from major injuries must go through physical therapy in order to regain your strength and your full range of motion. If your doctor or surgeon has told you that physical therapy is necessary, it is important to take that information seriously. You can work with the medical professionals providing care to help you find a good physical therapist who is in your health insurance network. It is essential to realize that physical therapy plays a major role in recovering after an injury or surgery.

Ways A Webinar Can Help Manage Issues Related To A Mini-Bypass Surgery

Obesity is a health danger that can creep up on a person over the years and end up being very hard to manage. However, there are care methods such as gastric bypass surgeries that can help. And a mini-gastric bypass surgery is often the best choice for many individuals. Thankfully, a webinar on this topic can ensure that any confusion about its implementation can be cleared up quickly. Ways a Mini-Gastric Bypass Surgery May Help