Mistakes to Avoid When Going Through Physical Therapy

Many people recovering from major injuries must go through physical therapy in order to regain your strength and your full range of motion. If your doctor or surgeon has told you that physical therapy is necessary, it is important to take that information seriously. You can work with the medical professionals providing care to help you find a good physical therapist who is in your health insurance network. It is essential to realize that physical therapy plays a major role in recovering after an injury or surgery. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes how important physical therapy is. If your doctor or surgeon has told you that you need physical therapy, avoid these common mistakes.

Skipping Sessions

When you have your initial meeting with your physical therapist, he or she will evaluate you and determine how much physical therapy that you need based on your current condition as well as your medical records. Once you have physical therapy sessions scheduled based on what your physical therapist believes you need in order to fully recover, you need to make sure that you attend every session. If you skip physical therapy sessions, it can take a lot longer to recover, and you could also experience complications with your recovery.

Failing to Put In Your Full Effort

Recovering from a major injury or surgery is not fun. Likewise, it is not uncommon to dread physical therapy, since it can be uncomfortable and push your limits. However, if you fail to put in your full effort during your physical therapy sessions, the only one that you are hurting is yourself. In order to get the most out of physical therapy, you need to be prepared to work hard during each session. When you make the effort to work hard with your physical therapist, you will see results.

Neglecting to Complete Exercises at Home

You may only see your physical therapist a few times a week, but that doesn't mean that your physical therapy ends when your sessions are over. Most physical therapists request that patients do a variety of exercises at home that will help promote recovery, strength, and an improvement in range of motion. If you decide to skip your at-home exercises, it will take you much longer to recover, and it can even hinder making a total recovery. Taking the initiative to complete all recommended physical therapy exercises at home will make a big difference. 

To learn more, visit a physical therapist near you.