What You Need To Know Going Into Gum Surgery

Gums are an important part of the tooth because they protect the root from damage and keep the root healthy. However, aggressive brushing and other factors can damage gums and cause them to recede. Once gums recede, the roots can be exposed to damage, which will lead to tooth loss. In order to save your teeth, you will need to have gum surgery.  How Gum Surgery Works Once gums start to recede, nothing can be done to cause them to grow back.

The Evolution Of Cataract Surgery

Continued advances in cataract surgery have made the process effective, quick, and almost 100% free of pain. While cataract removal has been performed since antiquity, the technologies of today have made the operation a much more routine procedure with increasingly positive results and a quicker recovery time. Listed below are three ways in which cataract surgery has evolved and how you benefit. Incisions are Becoming Smaller As technology allows surgeons to become more precise, the size of incisions made during cataract surgery today is a remarkable 3 millimeters in size.