Why Wearing Compression Hose Is Important When Getting Laser Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose veins are veins that are larger than they should be and twisted irregularly. Varicose veins can occur anywhere, but they occur most often in the legs due to the veins experiencing increased pressure when you stand or walk, especially for long periods of time. Therefore, some people are at higher risk of developing varicose veins than others, such as educators, nurses, and anyone who spends most of their time on their feet.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments You Can Try At Home

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to hold an erection until fully satisfied. This can cause a lot of strain on your relationship as well as stress on yourself. Having erectile dysfunction can be very difficult, but in most cases, it can be treated and you can be back where you want to be. Although it is best to be treated by a medical physician, there are a few treatments you can try at home that may help while you wait for an appointment.

3 Important Care Tips For Men Dealing With Prostate Cancer

One of the more common forms of cancer in men is prostate cancer. If you’re diagnosed with this condition, that doesn’t mean you have to lose hope. These treatment tips will ensure you handle this diagnosis correctly and move on with your life.  Live a Healthy Lifestyle Dealing with prostate cancer is going to be very draining, which means you need to prime your body for the treatments you’re about to receive.

Tips For Approaching A Stroke Rehab

About 700,000 Americans each year will experience some type of stroke. Of that group, two-thirds are expected to survive and require some degree of stroke rehab care. If you’re worried about your own well-being or that of someone you care about, it’s a good idea to learn a bit about the process and what it entails. Here’s what you should know when trying to bounce back from a stroke. The Odds of Full Recovery

Wonder About Allergies? Do This

After spending weeks going back and forth about whether you’ve got a cold or allergies, you may be looking for any way to find out for sure. Luckily, finding out about allergies doesn’t have to be mysterious. Answering these questions, you can figure out what’s physically happening. What Have You Changed? If you’ve been sneezing or feeling otherwise “off” only in the past few weeks, try to pinpoint what you’ve changed.

3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Hearing

If you love watching television or listening to music, you might not be able to imagine your life without being able to hear properly. However, the consequences of bad habits can add up, which is why many people tend to struggle with hearing loss later in life. Here are three easy ways to protect your hearing, so that you can enjoy listening to your favorite things for longer.   1.    Keep Earplugs Handy Oftentimes people stumble upon loud noise during the day, which is why it is always a good idea to keep earplugs with you.

Hypothyroidism: Can It Affect Your Nervous System?

If you suffer from low thyroid, or hypothyroidism, you may worry about numerous things, including how to manage your condition. Hypothyroidism has the potential to aggravate or affect multiple systems in your body, including your nervous system. Learn how hypothyroidism affects your body’s nervous system below. Can Hypothyroidism Really Affect Your Nervous System? Although the thyroid is very important to your endocrine system, the gland plays many important roles throughout your body.

Cremating A Deceased Loved One? Plan A Memorial Service And Decide What To Do With The Ashes

Cremating a loved one is a method of preserving the person’s memory without the traditional burial. The cost of a burying a loved one is significantly higher than the cost of cremating a loved one, which is one of many reasons why you might want to go through with having this person cremated. Some people also prefer this option because they can keep the ashes close to them by spreading them out in the backyard or putting them inside of an urn.

Potential Therapies To Consider For Difficult-To-Treat Depression

For individuals suffering from depression, relief can be elusive. While there are many types of medications to try to control or relieve depression symptoms, sometimes traditional medication is not an effective tool. People who are dealing with a major depressive disorder need alternatives when it comes to treatment, as a lack of relief can lead a person to suicidal thoughts and actions. Some people with hard-to-treat depression have found relief using ECT, acupuncture, or ketamine therapy to reduce symptoms.

What Is Pink Eye? How To Treat And Prevent It

Pink eye is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is the thin lining covering the eye, as well as the inside of the eyelid. This can become inflamed due to a number of reasons, including due to bacteria, a virus, or an allergy. Pink eye may or may not be contagious depending on what caused it (such as allergies). Read on for further information about pink eye and how to treat it.

Managing Your Asthma: What You Should Know

If you have recently been diagnosed with asthma, you may not know exactly what to do about the situation. Asthma is a frustrating but mostly manageable condition. You just need to learn how to deal with asthma triggers as well as take the best possible care of your lung health going forward. Get to know some of these steps to take. Then, you can start properly managing your asthma right away.

Not Sure What To Do? How To Care For Your New Prosthetic Eye

If you’ve recently been fitted for a prosthetic eye, it will take some getting used to, especially when it comes to keeping your eye clean. Maintaining your prosthetic eye may be difficult the first few times, but with practice, it will become second nature to you. The important thing to remember is that your eye will need to be cleaned on a regular basis, or you can develop infections and irritations.

When To See Your Family Doctor When You're Sick

When you have a cold or the flu, you can feel so miserable that you think you have a more serious condition. While it isn’t always necessary to go to the doctor when you’re sick with a cold or the flu, there are times when it’s a good idea to be checked out. Here are some signs that you should think about seeing your family doctor when you’re sick. When You Keep Feeling Worse Rather Than Better

Understanding And Treating Chronic Ear Infections In Children

As a parent, you want your child to be both healthy and happy. Unfortunately, certain medical issues may arise, causing your child some discomfort while causing you a great deal of emotional distress. Ear infections are a common issue that many children develop. Actually, three out of four children will have an ear infection by their third birthday. However, some children suffer from chronic ear infections that require more than prescription antibiotics.

4 Things to Know About Brain Cancer

Do you experience bad headaches that are getting worse as time passes by? Are the headaches accompanied by numerous other problems, including speech problems? The problems that you are experiencing might be due to something being wrong with your brain, such as there being a tumor growing on it. It is important for you to get examined by a specialist as soon as possible so he or she can find out if a tumor is present, as it can possibly be cancerous.

There Are So Many Of Them! How To Stop The Spread Of Spider Veins

If you’re starting to develop spider veins on your legs, you need to take action . Once the spider veins start showing up, it’s just a matter of time before the problem gets out of control. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to help prevent further development. Take a look at the list provided below. Adding each of these items to your life can help stop the spread of spider veins.

Hip And Knee Pain: Tips To Overcome Your Pain When OTC Medications Don't Work

When pain strikes your hips or knee joints, and nothing you take relieves it, you might give up and accept your fate. Although body pain can be debilitating and troublesome, you can find ways to alleviate it. You can eat more omega-3 fatty acids and see a family doctor for care. Here are ways to overcome your pain when over-the-counter medications don’t work. Eat More Omega-3 Fatty Acids You might know it, but the things you eat and drink can help relieve or lessen your pain.

Gain an Understanding of Your Grandmother's Minor Memory Loss and Spend Quality Time With Your Loved One

If your grandmother is suffering from minor memory loss and she is currently llving in an assisted living or memory care facility, you may be concerned because your loved one doesn’t remember you at times and has forgotten about some major milestones experienced throughout her lifetime. The tips below will help you gain a better understanding of your grandmother’s condition and will encourage you to spend quality time with her.

Beginner Tips To Help Care For Your New Hearing Aids

From listening to instructions and enjoying the real sounds of music to hearing your child’s first words, the importance of your ears and hearing sense is easy to see. Unfortunately, many individuals are unable to enjoy these simple parts of daily life due to a hearing impairment. As a matter of fact, an estimated 35 million Americans have some form of hearing loss. If you are part of this group, you may need aids to help you hear in a more clear or concise manner.

What To Expect During And After Your Gallbladder Removal Surgery

If you have been living with gallbladder pain for a while, you may actually be looking forward to your gallbladder surgery, since afterwards you will be in a lot less pain. Still, this is a surgical procedure, so it is normal to be a bit apprehensive and to wonder what you can expect. Here’s a look at how things generally proceed once you check in to the hospital and as you recover.

The Basics Of Nanoknife Surgery For Your Cancer Tumor

Although most patients with a cancerous tumor undergo surgery to have the tumor removed, sometimes that’s not a viable option. In some cases, the tumor isn’t eligible for traditional surgery because of its location or how it’s growing. While patients who can’t have their tumor surgically removed may be able to eliminate it with radiation, nanoknife cancer surgery may also be an option. Here’s a look at what you need to know about this treatment option before you make a decision.

Try These Prevention Tips If Your Child Is A Bed Wetter

It’s common for children to occasionally wet the bed as they get potty trained, but this behavior will usually subside before too long. While infrequent accidents aren’t really a cause for concern, you may be a little anxious each evening if your child shows a tendency to wet the bed. It’s always a good idea to arrange a visit with the pediatrician, as he or she will be able to talk to you about some of the potential causes of this behavior, as well as recommend some ways that you can successfully manage it.

Signs That You May Have Nerve Damage

It is important to make sure that you are spotting signs of nerve damage as soon as possible in order to give yourself the best chance at receiving the quality treatment that you need. After all, nerve damage is nothing to mess around with, especially since they are what lead up to your brain to deliver the messages it needs in order to function your body properly. Here are some signs that may indicate that you have some nerve damage:

A Few Benefits Of Accupressure Therapy

Healthcare is something that people are willing to pay a lot of money for. It is important that you get the very best healthcare possible, but often the very best way that you can take care of your body is an unconventional way. Some people try to find a medicine that will fix the problem, but often the problem is just covered up with medicine. Other procedures that you can go through will actually address the issue straight on.

A Guide To Enhancing Your Immune System

In order to beat colds, allergies, and flu, you need to do everything that you can to safeguard and bolster your immune system. The immune system helps you to fight illnesses as they come about, so by taking the time to give your immune system a fighting chance, you will have all that you need to keep your body at its best. With this in mind, read below and use the tips in this article to the best of your ability:

Tips For Preventing Osteoporotic Fractures

Osteoporosis is a condition where bones lose their density and can become fragile and brittle. This medical condition is typically found in older adults, particularly post-menopausal women. An unfortunate side effect of osteoporosis is osteoporotic fractures, which can commonly occur in the hips, wrists, and spinal column of people who have osteoporosis. Use the following tips to help prevent osteoporotic fractures: Bone Density Testing It is very difficult to prevent osteoporotic fractures if you are not aware that you have osteoporosis.

What Are Those Little White Balls You Keep Coughing Up?

Have you been coughing up little off-white balls from time to time? You’ve probably noticed that the balls have a horrible smell. Many people become quite concerned when this happens to them, but the good news is, what you’re experiencing is fairly innocuous. Those little white balls are called tonsil stones, and most people develop them from time to time. Here’s a closer look. What are tonsil stones? Tonsil stones are composed of bacteria, food particles, and white blood cells.

Recovering From Eye Surgery: What You Should Know

When you find that you need to have surgery on one of both of your eyes, whether it is an elective procedure such as corrective laser eye surgery or a necessary procedure to correct an injury or remove cataracts, you may find yourself concerned or nervous not just about the surgical procedure but about the recovery process as well. Recovering from eye surgery can be challenging as you will be more restricted in what you can and should do than you might otherwise expect.

How Personal Cancer Treatments Can Improve Your Diagnosis

Your life changes drastically after a cancer diagnosis. It is estimated that 1,685,210 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in 2016. Hearing this diagnosis gives way to the spiritual, emotional, and physical challenges that lie ahead. After the initial shock, you must decide to live and fight your cancer. Read on to find out how personal cancer treatments can improve your cancer diagnosis. What Is Personalized Medicine? Personalized medicine tells a doctor more about a cancer patient’s genetic makeup.

New Hearing Device Technology That Can Improve Your Hearing

Many people experience hearing loss but do not seek help for this problem due to perceived embarrassment. You think that you can manage your hearing, which is an unfortunate decision to make. The many years you spend not addressing your hearing needs and receiving treatment only adds to the severity of your hearing loss. Hearing loss greatly impacts your psychological, social and cognitive experiences. The condition can lead you into withdrawal and isolation.

Getting Through Breast Cancer Treatment One Day At A Time

When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, your mind can go reeling in all kinds of directions. If you have questions, it’s important that you talk with your oncologist about these questions. While you can do research online, talk with your doctor about reputable sites that they suggest, or ask for information about your type of breast cancer. With so many questionable sources on the internet, it’s necessary to get the facts from your doctor.

3 Tips To Alleviate Achy Feet

The holidays will soon be here. If you suffer from arthritis in your feet, walking around the stores can leave you in serious pain. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to alleviate the discomfort. Before you head to the stores in search of holiday bargains, here are three methods you can use to bring comfort and joy to your aching feet. Go Hot and Cold If shopping has left you with aching feet, it’s time to relax.

Solve The Food Allergy Mystery By Visiting An Allergist

Many people are allergic to certain types of food. If you find yourself breaking out in hives, or getting some other reaction, then you need to determine what exactly it is that is making you ill. You can speak with an allergist and discuss the situation. They will likely want to narrow down a list of what are the likely culprits. Some things, such as shellfish, are easy to rule out for some people.

Proactive Appointments With Your Primary Care Physician Improve Your Overall Health

If you are the type of person that waits until a problem gets so bad you need to go to the emergency room, you are taking unnecessary risks with your own health. While you may feel as if your issue is no big deal, there are many times that a small problem that isn’t handled becomes an emergency. When you are beginning to feel sick with symptoms you rarely experience, it’s important to discuss the symptoms with your primary care doctor.

Make Your Home Safe For A Loved One With Alzheimer's Disease

If you live with an elderly family member who has Alzheimer’s disease, you might be concerned about his or her safety around the house. There are a variety of mobility aids that you can purchase to help your loved one move about your home safely. Check out the following tips to help you turn your house into a safe space for your aging loved one. Get Rid of Clutter Cluttered homes aren’t safe for people with Alzheimer’s for several reasons.

Preparing For A Tummy Tuck: Clothing Edition

As you get ready to undergo a tummy tuck, you know you have to arrange for time off work, have people scheduled to help you out for a few days, and stock the refrigerator with recovering-from-anesthesia-friendly foods. However, you also need to take a look at your clothing because the abdominal surgery is going to affect what you wear for several weeks after the surgery and beyond. Loose, Comfortable, Stretchy Pants

The Role Menopause Plays In The Development Of Varicose Veins

Your body goes through a lot of changes as you approach menopause, and the appearance of varicose veins is one of them. Like with hot flashes, loss of bone density, and other unpleasant symptoms of menopause, it’s only natural for you to have questions about the causes, treatment, and prevention of varicose and spider veins. What occurs during menopause? During a woman’s childbearing years, the ovaries secrete estrogen and progesterone – commonly known as the female sex hormones.

4 Problems You Didn't Know A Chiropractor Could Treat

If you’ve had back pain, you may have been to or considered visiting a chiropractor. However, chiropractic adjustments can do a lot more than just “pop” your back. Check out these four common problems you didn’t know a chiropractor could treat. Chronic Headaches Chronic headaches can have you running for the pain medication every day, but those medications have unpleasant side effects and only mask the problem. Many people have chronic headaches because they actually have tight muscles or limited movement in their neck or back.

Don't Fear Flying When You Have Back Pain — Use These Strategies To Keep Your Pain At Bay

Managing your back pain on a day-by-day basis can be challenging in its own right, but when you’re traveling by airplane this summer, the prospect of keeping your back pain at bay can seem daunting. Airplane seats aren’t known for their comfort, and the confined quarters you’ll experience — often for several hours at a time — put you at the risk of being stiff and sore by the time you land.

The Pressure Of It All! Three Natural Remedies To Cure Your Chronic Headaches

Headaches are no big deal to most people. They will tell you to just shake it off and continue on with your day. For those who suffer from chronic headaches, however, simple “shaking it off” is much easier said that done. While waiting for a headache to go away, you can’t focus on getting any work done, and it interrupts your entire day. If over-the-counter medications aren’t cutting it, there are safe and natural alternatives you can turn to.

Reasons Your Teenage Daughter May Benefit From A Breast Reduction

When you are the parent of a teenage daughter, the last thing you likely think they will need is a pediatric plastic surgeon. However, there has been a rise in demand from teen girls for breast reduction surgeries in recent years. While the reasons for the surge in cases is unclear, you may be wondering what you should do if your daughter has come to you asking for this type of medical care.

Two Treatments To Consider For Treating Neurological Problems

When you suffer neurological trauma, your quality of life can be seriously compromised. In some cases, when looking for treatment, your best hope will be to prevent further damage and retain what functionality you have. In other cases, treatment can help you to regain functionality. Knowing what treatments are available and what they can accomplish for you will help you to make confident decisions about the care you or your loved ones receive.

How To Help Your Baby Develop Strong Vision

Even though your newborn cannot see much, from birth the eyes develop at an astonishing rate. Blurry shapes become real objects, and a flat, dull single dimension turns into full depth perception. Most infants’ eyes follow a natural development pattern, but you can aid in strong vision development by providing eye-stimulating activities for your child.  1. Keep things moving. Even though your baby will not be able to focus directly on your face during the first few months of life, you can still help your baby develop strong eye movement and head movement by altering their physical environment.

Questions About Medicare Supplement Plan G

There are many different Medicare supplement plans to help cover the costs that are not paid by Original Medicare. One of these plans is Plan G. Here are a few questions and answers about Medicare Supplement Plan G to help you understand this coverage: What charges does Medicare Supplement Plan G help cover? Hospice Care Hospice care is often available to help terminal patients feel more comfortable during their final stages of life.

How Can Nasal Spray Help With Your Baby's Cold?

Nasal spray can be very helpful for babies with colds. If you’re a parent with a sick baby, nasal spray can be a valuable medicine to have on hand. How can nasal spray help with your baby’s cold? Babies don’t know how to blow into facial tissues, which means that when a baby gets a cold, the baby’s nose is likely to run down his or her face. For this reason, relieving a baby’s congestion is often a top priority for parents who want to keep their babies comfortable and happy.

Why Does Your Mouth Hurt?

There can be a lot of reasons why you may be experiencing tooth, gum or general mouth pain. Some of the reasons are ones that should send you in to the dentist for an examination and possible treatment. However, other causes may be ones that you can treat at home. The information detailed here will help explain some of the reasons for different mouth pains to you and help you understand what you can do to deal with them.

Are You A Runner? You Need To Be Aware Of These Common Injuries

Whether you are just starting to run or you are a seasoned marathon runner, you need to be aware of the possible injuries you could get. You may currently have pains and aren’t sure where they are coming from, or simply want to try and prevent as many injuries as possible. Here are some common runner injuries to be aware of. Plantar Fasciitis If you have been running for a while, you might have already experienced this injury.

Hand Problems Associated With Aging

Aging is a natural process that everyone goes through. Over time, bodies begin to experience changes that can affect daily life. One area where changes are especially obvious is the hands. The hands are an integral part of daily life and any decrease in their function can cause some major problems. Luckily there are treatment options for many hand problems that are associated with aging. Here are three common hand ailments that send many people to the doctor for treatment.

Ways Fresh Lemon Juice Can Improve The Looks Of Your Skin

Going to a spa or health clinic can be a great way to rejuvenate your skin; however, there are also ways you can do this at home for a more affordable cost. If you are interested in obtaining nicer, healthier-looking skin, you may want to run to the store and purchase a bag of lemons. Lemons are affordable and natural, and they can have positive impacts on the condition and looks of your skin.

What To Expect When Your Get A Surface Peel To Brighten Your Complexion

If your skin has discolorations, fine wrinkles, and other surface imperfections, you may want to consider getting a chemical peel from your dermatologist. You can get a light peel during a short session that has a quick recovery time. A light peel evens your skin tone and removes mild damage caused by the sun. Your doctor can also give you a deep peel if it is necessary, but it requires a much longer recovery period since it removes the top and middle layers of your skin.

What To Do If Your Child Is Stung By A Bee

If you have a small child who has never had been stung by a bee before, you are most likely a bit apprehensive about what will happen when the occurrence does finally occur. Since bee stings are known to lead to allergic reactions in some people, it is important to be prepared for this in advance should it happen to your child. Knowing the symptoms of a bad reaction is key in getting the appropriate help. Here are some steps you can take to prepare yourself for when your child becomes stung by a bee.

How To Treat Eye Floaters At Home

If you notice specks, strings, or clouds, that appear to float in your field of vision, then vanish as you try to look straight at them, it could be eye floaters. Eye floaters are caused by the thinning of the vitreous, a gel substance, as a person ages, and the shapes get clearer against a plain background. Eye floaters may seem alarming, but they aren’t usually a cause of concern, and you can try natural treatment.

3 Tips For Increased Comfort When Recovering From Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery can be a wonderful thing if you’ve been suffering from cataracts. However, you might be worried about the discomfort of the recovery period. Luckily, there are steps that you can take to maintain increased comfort during the healing process. Then, you can focus on enjoying your improved vision after your procedure, rather than dealing with pain. Take these three steps, and you’re sure to find the healing process to be a bit easier than you thought it would be.

Shocking Aquatic Therapy Case Shows Promise For Those Afflicted With Paralysis

If you’re suffering from partial or complete paralysis, it’s easy to lose hope. You may even feel like skipping physical therapy, failing to see the point in such endeavors. However, a recent breakthrough in Ireland seems to show that aquatic therapy may help restore some or even all function after paralysis. The Incredible Story A man in Ireland named Gareth Galway suffered from total paralysis (to the point where he couldn’t breathe unassisted) due to infection by a disease called “

3 Ways To Deal With Hearing Loss

Losing your ability to hear can be a traumatic experience. Not only can it change the way in which you experience the world, but it might cause you to rely on certain tools that you are not used to using on a daily basis. Luckily, you don’t have to go into the situation “blind”; here is a list of some of the ways in which you can cope with hearing loss.

Dealing With Ingrown Toenails When You Have Diabetes

If you have diabetes, an ingrown toenail can be dangerous. This is because diabetes causes poor blood circulation in your toes, and that makes it easier for infections to develop. For that reason, you want to prevent ingrown nails from occurring in the first place, and take quick action if you suspect you have one developing. Here are a few things to know about dealing with ingrown toenails when you have diabetes.

What To Expect While Recovering From Rotator Cuff Surgery

Recovering from rotator cuff surgery is a long process. In fact, it typically takes between four and six months before patients completely recover from having their rotator cuff repaired. During the recovery process, it’s extremely important that you follow the instructions given to you by your shoulder surgeon and/or physical therapist so that your recovery goes as smooth as possible. Learn more about rotator cuff surgery and what to expect during the recovery process.

Types Of IV Therapy And Circumstances Where It Is Necessary

Medical conditions sometimes warrant the use of intravenous therapies to support the patient’s health. This can be performed while the patient is in the hospital or on an outpatient basis. Intravenous therapy may be necessary just until the patient recovers from his illness. Other people may require it on a long-term basis due to their medical diagnosis. The type of support that is necessary determines whether the patient receives a quick injection or a slow infusion.

Easy And Effortless Recovery From Your Total Hip Surgery At Home

You’re getting ready to go in for a total hip replacement to get rid of the pain caused by the arthritis in your hip. Your orthopedic surgeon will have given you a set of instructions on what to expect when you go to the hospital. You should also be ready for your recovery at home, which will go much smoother if you do some upfront preparations. Here is what to do to get ready for an easy recovery at home from your hip replacement surgery.

5 Ways To Help Your Family Member Recover From A Stroke

If your loved one recently suffered a stroke, he probably feels a little lost and may face challenges with is daily activities. It is up to you to get him on the right track to recovery. Bouncing back from a stroke is not easy, but it can be done. Here are five effective ways to help your family member recover from a stroke:  Feed Your Loved One a Healthy Diet

Why Aftercare Is Essential For Recovering From Substance Abuse

Did you recently complete substance abuse treatment program? If so, you are likely proud of your accomplishment. Your treatment provider likely has told you about aftercare, but you may not fully understand its importance. You may feel emotionally and physically better than you have felt in a long time, but do not let this false sense of security result in you overlooking the importance of aftercare treatment. Why Aftercare is Important

Ways Your Dermatologist Can Help You Look Younger

Aging is a simple fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept looking older. Dermatologists do more than treat skin conditions like rashes and moles. They can also perform treatments that help give you younger-looking skin. The following are just a few options your dermatologist may offer. Age Spot Treatment Age spots are areas of hyperpigmentation. These dark spots, also sometimes called liver spots, are a result of sun damage or pigmentation buildup from medications.

4 Things Runners Need To Know About Femoral Head Avascular Necrosis

Running is a good way to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors, but if you overdo it, you could be at risk of a wide variety of sports injuries. One of the worst injuries that you can develop as a runner is femoral head avascular necrosis. Here are four things you need to know about this injury. What is it? Femoral head avascular necrosis is an injury that results when the femoral head, the uppermost part of your thigh bone, doesn’t receive enough blood flow and dies.

Important Information About Psoriasis And Your Pregnancy To Discuss With Your Doctor

As psoriasis sufferer, managing your condition can be particularly challenging during pregnancy and immediately after giving birth. It is important to note that some of the treatment options that you have used prior to conception will not longer be appropriate or safe. A recent study determined that nearly half of the pregnant women with psoriasis that were polled saw an improvement in their symptoms and less than a fourth of them reported their symptoms worsening.

Health Tips: Keep Diabetes Away & Early Signs To Watch Out For

You may not think that diabetes is something you need to worry about. But the truth is, it affects many people. And what is worse is that statistics show that around 8.1 million Americans have diabetes, and they do not even know it. The following guide will show you how to decipher the tell-signs related to diabetes and what the disease is. Keep Diabetes Away Making sure you protect yourself from diabetes should be a priority, as it is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States.

Preparing For Your First Mammogram

Put simply, a mammogram is an X-ray image of your breast that’s used to determine whether or not you show any signs of breast cancer. Because your risk of breast cancer increases as you age, it’s important that you begin getting an annual screening mammography when you reach age 40. While the procedure itself is a simple one, it’s common for women to be nervous about getting their first mammogram. Check out these tips to learn how to prepare yourself for your first screening mammography.

In-Home Care: 4 Ways To Pay

Many people will need in-home health at some point in their lives, either for themselves or a loved one. Unfortunately, this type of care is expensive, so it’s important to know in advance how you will pay for it when the time comes. This article focuses on some of the main ways that people in the United States deal with the cost of in-home health care.   Medicare   If you have Medicare, it will cover the cost of various in-home care services.

Where Do Midwives Work?

You’ve just discovered that you’re pregnant. Now you have to navigate the many options that are available to you for labor and delivery. While you can have a doctor for your prenatal care and delivery, many women are turning to midwives to deliver a more personalized birth experience. Midwives have a “model of care” that can include minimal interventions and a woman-centered approach that includes mental and emotional well-being and support as well as physical health.

What To Expect From Laser Surgery For Your Varicose Veins

Initially, the bulging veins in your legs were just a cosmetic problem. Now they have become a painful nuisance. It’s time to get rid of those veins and the pain by seeing a vascular clinic that specializes in vein disorders. Laser surgery is one popular treatment that is minimally invasive and is done in an outpatient clinic. Here is what you need to know about laser surgery for those varicose veins.

Arthritis And A Meniscus Tear? 3 Benefits Of Physical Therapy

If you have a meniscus tear and arthritis, you might consider surgery to repair or remove part of your meniscus. Although surgery has benefits, unique challenges when you have comorbid knee arthritis can make physical therapy a better option. Slow Down Cartilage Loss The decreased cartilage in your knee from arthritis contributes to the characteristic pain and inflammation. In many instances of meniscus tears, the tear occurs in the larger portion of the meniscus without a blood supply.

New Health Care Act Bars Physicians From Building New Physician Owned Hospitals

Physician owned hospitals, POHs, have taken a financial hit by the newest update of the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010. The update essentially states that physicians can no longer build new hospitals. Those physicians who already own hospitals are now faced with a new investment report form that must be filled out and returned to the Medicare Centers Services. The form is designed as a tool to meet transparency documentation standards.

Seasonal Allergies Can Ruin Your Day: Watch The Weather And Control The Symptoms

If you’re one of the 55% of American’s who suffer from seasonal allergies, you know how weather changes can affect your symptoms. However, you might not know that the weather can actually tell you how to prepare for your allergy symptoms. A quick glance at the weather can help you keep your allergies under control. Here’s what to look for: Sunny With a Chance of Pollen Pollen counts are usually higher on sunny days, especially if the air is dry.

What To Expect If Your Child Is Getting Braces

If your child’s dentist has suggested that he or she have braces to straighten crooked teeth or adjust an overbite, you both may be wondering what’s ahead. Getting and wearing braces can be a lengthy process, so knowing what it entails can help take some of the uncertainty and anxiety out of the process. Here’s a look at the six primary care steps you can expect when you’re referred to an orthodontist.

3 Heart-Healthy Dietary Changes You Can Implement Today

The possibility of developing heart disease should be a major health concern for everyone. One way to lower your risk is to implement healthy changes to your diet. A few small changes can get you on the right track to a healthier heart. Eat The Right Fiber All types of fiber are important for your overall health, but not all high-fiber foods improve your heart health. When you are specifically focusing on heart health, you need to incorporate soluble fiber into your diet.

An Introduction To Dental Implants

It’s been said that a smile is the prettiest thing you could wear; however, if you are missing teeth, you probably feel like your smile isn’t so pretty. Instead of feeling self conscious about your smile and hiding it, there is a way that you could improve it. How? With dental implants. Dental Implants: What are They? A dental implant involves replacing the root of a missing or damaged tooth. The root is the foundation of a tooth, as it secures the tooth to the gums.

2 Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer is an increasingly popular option for people attempting to get into shape, mostly because of the many benefits that seeing a personal trainer can provide. Safety and motivation to continue working out are just some of the reasons to consider hiring a personal trainer. 1. Motivation One of the hardest parts about getting back into shape is finding the motivation to go to a gym as often as you need to.

Important Steps To Take When Getting A Facelift

If you are not happy with your facial appearance, you might opt for a face lift. In order to prepare for this cosmetic procedure, you can take these steps: Plan Financially Having any type of cosmetic procedure done can be expensive, especially in today’s economy. That’s why it’s important to manage your finances months in advance before having the facelift done. The first thing you should do is create a budget.

When To See The Dentist

You want to make sure you recognize the signs telling you that you need to get in to see your dentist. If you put off a visit to your dentist and you have something going on with your teeth, the situation can only get worse. This can lead to other problems, more pain, and more costly dental visits. If you experience any of the symptoms below, you want to get to the dentist right away.

4 Standard Infertility Treatments You Should Know About

If you’re trying to get pregnant and struggling, it may be time to consider seeking some medical attention. A lot of people are afraid to consult with a fertility doctor because they fear bad news, but there are four distinct lines of treatment available that are helpful to millions of couples around the world every year. You should consider consulting clinics like Contemporary Health Care for Women about using these options to soon be able to conceive.

The Dos And Don'ts Of Going To The Podiatrist

Some people go through a great deal of preparation before heading to the podiatrist. The thought of experiencing embarrassment when taking off your shoes in front of another person might have you going overboard with the prep work. Unfortunately, some prep can impact your podiatrist’s ability to spot problems. Here are nine dos and don’ts of preparing for a podiatrist appointment. Do not get a pedicure. Pedicures have a risk of developing infections associated with them.

Are Osteoarthritis And Rheumatoid Arthritis The Same Thing?

People always hear about arthritis. It’s a very common problem, and most people will probably have some issues with it at some point in their lives. Arthritis can show up in just about any joint in the body as well as anywhere that a bone has suffered trauma. For example, a leg that has been broken is more prone to arthritis than an unbroken bone. The arthritis will show up at the spot where the break was.

A Pain In The Head: Understanding The Link Between Fibromyalgia And Psychological Disorders

What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is frequently thought of as a physical disorder, but it is actually closely linked to mental disorders. If you have Fibromyalgia, your brain abnormally responds to stress and pain. Your brain’s opioid receptors, which are responsible for how you psychologically respond to physical pain, are not as active as the opioid receptors in someone without Fibromyalgia. This lack of opioid receptor activity results in chronic pain and fatigue.

Seven Things You Can Do To Alleviate Your Allergies

If you suffer from seasonal allergies you know how miserable it can be. Here are seven things you can try the next time an attack hits. 1. Buy a neti pot. This amazing pot will change your life. You fill them with warm water, add some saline, and stir it. Lean over the sink and tilt your head to the right side. Pour the solution in your right nostril and allow it to go all the way through your sinuses and out the left nostril.

4 Ways To Develop A Child's Self-Esteem

Healthy self-esteem in children will help them feel that they can do almost anything. They will use it as a source of protection especially when they see negative behaviors in others. In contrast children who have low self-esteem can find challenging situations frustrating. They may feel that they are not able to tackle challenging tasks because their self-esteem is low. Here are four ways that you can help develop a child’s self-esteem.

Finding The Perfect Pair Of Glasses

Glasses can make life easier and safer for you, but whether you need to wear them all day long or only pop them on for reading, computer work or crafting, you want to pick a pair that looks great. Selecting the right frame size, style and color are the keys to choosing the perfect eyeglasses for you. Know Your Shape The first thing to consider is the shape of your face, which is not always easy to determine.

Six Questions You Need Answered When Looking For The Right Nursing Home

When looking for a nursing home for your elderly parent, many look similar on paper and on their websites. The only way to be comfortable that you’ve found the right fit is to visit various homes and get the following questions answered to your satisfaction. Consider these factors when researching the best place for your parent. What Do You Hear While Walking Through the Facility? Do you hear laughter and talking?

Benefits Of Home Health Care Agencies

If you or a relative have health needs that are not easily met at home by you or your family, instead of turning to a nursing home, you might want to consider the services that a home health care provider can offer. It’s important to keep in mind that there is a difference between directly hiring an individual to care for your needs and hiring an agency to do so. There are many reasons why people choose to take advantage of home health care agencies.

Easing The Relocation To Assisted Living For Your Parent

You and your parent have accepted the idea that he or she would benefit from moving to an apartment at an assisted living facility. Nevertheless, you’re worried that your parent will not handle the transition well. Fortunately, research indicates that older individuals bounce back pretty quickly if at first they feel depressed after a move to assisted living. You can implement some strategies to make the move easier psychologically and emotionally.

Will You Stay With Glasses After Your Next Eye Exam Or Try Contacts?

You’ve worn glasses for years but continue to be intrigued with the thought of having contacts. It might be a good time to switch with your next eye exam. Consider these pros and cons of contacts before you buy your next pair of glasses. It might be time for a change. The Benefits of Contact Lenses Some people swear by their contacts and would never consider wearing glasses all of the time.

Beginning Stages Of Breastfeeding – What You Need To Know

The choice to breastfeed your baby is great for both you and your baby. Not only does it provide your baby with nutrition, but it creates an unbreakable bond. Unfortunately, breastfeeding is not always a positive experience when starting out. There are issues that may arise that make you want to give up on your efforts. Here, you will learn a little about the beginning stages of breastfeeding to help you through those first few stressful days.

2 Reasons To Ask Your Dentist About A Same-Day Crown

A crown is one of the more inconvenient dental procedures you can undergo, mostly because a traditional crown will require multiple appointments to complete. Two reasons to get a same-day crown instead of a traditional one are to avoid discomfort and save time. Avoid Discomfort The worst part about getting a crown is that there are multiple ways in which it can cause you discomfort. To begin, you will need to wear a temporary crown after your first appointment.

Are Hot Flashes Heating You Up? Here Are Some Ways To Cool Down

Hot flashes are one of the most common symptoms of menopause, but they affect everyone differently. Some women never experience hot flashes. Others have them occasionally, and some unlucky women have them several times each day. If you’re one of the unlucky ones, there are a few different ways you can manage your condition. Here are some things you can try. Hormone Replacement Therapy If you have frequent hot flashes, you should let your gynecologist know, so you can find at least partial relief.

The Story Of Ludwig Guttmann, the Paralympics, and Modern-Day Wheelchair Racing

Wheelchair racing is a relatively new sporting event, but its history stretches long before the first race ever took place. The sport owes its origins to a German-born doctor who wanted to change the world for paraplegics, to aspiring competitors with other impairments, and to engineers who turned the first clunky wheelchairs into aerodynamic racing machines.  Who Was Ludwig Guttmann? In 1899, Ludwig Guttmann was born in Germany to an Orthodox Jewish family.

Four Signs You're Wearing The Wrong Running Shoes

One of the most common mistakes new runners make is running in shoes that are not well-suited to their foot type and stride. This mistake lands many new runners in the podiatrist’s office with complaints of injuries such as plantar fasciitis and metatarsal stress fractures. As a runner, your goal is to reach the finish line – not your doctor’s waiting room. Keep an eye out for these four signs that the shoes you’re wearing are working against you.

Two New Treatments For Sciatica

According to, roughly 40 percent of people will experience the pain from sciatica that runs along the spine, the pelvis and buttocks at some point in their life. The condition, which is caused by the compression of spinal discs and nerve endings, typically presents itself on one side of a person’s body. The pain ranges from mild and temporary to extreme and enduring. However, for the millions of people that will miss work or fight through pain throughout the day, there are two relatively new treatments that could help them.

Why Hiring Former Prisoners Can Help Mitigate The Possibility Of Recidivism

There are many government and social programs aimed at lowering the recidivism rates. If you’re an employer, one such agency may have approached your business about hiring former prisoners. In some places they even offer tax breaks and incentives for such initiatives. But if recidivism is a concern for them, shouldn’t it also represent a concern for you and your business? What Possible Recidivism Means for You Hiring can become a stressing process all on its own.

What You Need To Know Going Into Gum Surgery

Gums are an important part of the tooth because they protect the root from damage and keep the root healthy. However, aggressive brushing and other factors can damage gums and cause them to recede. Once gums recede, the roots can be exposed to damage, which will lead to tooth loss. In order to save your teeth, you will need to have gum surgery.  How Gum Surgery Works Once gums start to recede, nothing can be done to cause them to grow back.

The Evolution Of Cataract Surgery

Continued advances in cataract surgery have made the process effective, quick, and almost 100% free of pain. While cataract removal has been performed since antiquity, the technologies of today have made the operation a much more routine procedure with increasingly positive results and a quicker recovery time. Listed below are three ways in which cataract surgery has evolved and how you benefit. Incisions are Becoming Smaller As technology allows surgeons to become more precise, the size of incisions made during cataract surgery today is a remarkable 3 millimeters in size.