Why Are Your Hearing Aids So Noisy? What You Need To Know

When you wear hearing aids, you might begin to notice some odd sounds occasionally. This can not only be frustrating, but it can diminish your quality of life. These noises can also impact your ability to hear, defeating the purpose of wearing hearing aids. When this happens, you need to get to the bottom of the noise and figure out what to do to stop it. The following are some reasons why your hearing aids may be making noises when you wear them:

The Volume Is Too High

Hearing aids are designed to change volume based on your needs. You can turn them up and down when you need to. A high volume setting can force the sound to go into the hearing aids and cause a whistle-like sound. You can simply try to turn the volume down when you hear this noise to see if that helps.

Wax Buildup

The goal of hearing aids is to deliver sound to your ears. When the ears have too much wax buildup, the sound is unable to penetrate the wax and can cause a reverberating sound back in the hearing aids. This will cause noise. To ease this issue, have your doctor thoroughly clean your ears so the sound can be delivered to your ears properly.

Poor Fit

As you get older, the shape of your ears, both inside and out, can start to change. Hearing aids are designed to fit in your specific ear canal. Molds are used to shape the hearing aids to fit directly in your ear. As this change in shape happens, the hearing aids will no longer fit properly in the ear. When hearing aids are fit poorly, the sound going in your ear will begin to rebound in the hearing aid, resulting in screeching feedback. You will need to get your hearing aids refitted to prevent the noise from occurring.

Damaged Hearing Aid Tubing

One component of hearing aids is the tubing. The tubing connects to the hearing aid that sits in the ear. Over time, the tubing can wear out, stretch, or break. This damaged tubing can prevent the hearing aids from fitting correctly. This then can result in improper feedback. Your doctor can fix this issue by replacing the tubing.

If none of these issues are the source of your hearing aid noise, you need to see your doctor about it. You may need a new set of hearing aids or a repair to your current aids to help decrease noisy feedback.

For more information about hearing aids, talk with a doctor.