Don't Let These Dispensary Nuances Catch You Off Guard

Visiting a cannabis dispensary is a great way to seek relief for your physical and mental ailments. However, it's quite a different experience from visiting a pharmacy or even a liquor store. Here are some nuances and aspects of visiting a dispensary that sometimes surprises people — but you don't want to let catch you off guard.

There may be lines.

In most states, only a certain number of dispensary licenses are given out. So, there is a limited number of dispensaries, and the ones that exist are quite busy. For this reason, there may be a line to wait in before you can enter the building. Dispensaries are also required to check identification before they let you enter, and that can create a bottleneck in some cases. Visit the dispensary when you have plenty of time, and when waiting in line for a little while won't bother you.

There may be buying limits.

There are restrictions as to how much cannabis you can buy in one day. For example, some states only allow customers to buy one ounce of cannabis flower per visit. The dispensary will often have these buying limits posted, and they'll enforce them. Understand that this is not the dispensary being picky or rude; it's just them following the rules. If you need to buy larger quantities, you'll need to come back another day to buy more.

They sell more than just cannabis flowers.

You may be picturing yourself walking out of the dispensary with cannabis flowers simply because that's the best-known cannabis product. However, most dispensaries sell more than just flowers. They sell edibles, vape products, and even topical THC and CBD creams. Be prepared to look at and ask questions about these products. One of them might be the right choice for you.

The budtenders can give you advice.

The people behind the counter at a dispensary are more than cashiers. They are known as budtenders, and they are educated on cannabis. You can ask them for advice when it comes to the best products to try, how to use them, and so forth. Don't be surprised if one of these people offers to help you; take them up on the offer.

Visiting a dispensary is a great experience, but it is not always the experience you expect. There are some nuances, as described above. Keep these things in mind, and enjoy your visit. For more information, contact a marijuana dispensary near you.