In College And Getting Too Stressed? 2 Tips To Help You Feel Better

College can make you stressed especially if you have a lot of classes or are having problems in some classes. It is easy for people to then become depressed or have other mental issues. Fortunately, there is help available for you to feel better. Keep reading for two tips for finding and accessing college mental health resources.

Onsite Mental Health Resources

You should check with your college to see if they offer mental health resources to their students. You may find that many colleges do offer this. This is extremely helpful for you because you would not have to leave campus for treatment. 

There may be counselors available to talk with. Some of these counselors may be certified or there may be a psychologist available for you. No matter what type you have the counselor or psychologist can talk to you about your problems. Sometimes talk therapy can help. During the therapy, you may realize what is causing you so much stress. The counselor or psychologist can also help you and teach you techniques that you can use to help combat stress. For example, if you often have negative thoughts the counselor or psychologist can teach you techniques to turn these thoughts into positive ones. 

Many colleges also offer workshops, online resources, peer support programs, and more. What exactly is offered will be determined by the college that you attend. 

See a Psychiatrist

Another option is to see a psychiatrist. The counselor or psychologist at your college may also refer you to a psychiatrist if they think you need to take medications to help you. The psychiatrist can talk with you to help them determine the problem you are having. You may have a mental health issue that you are not aware of, such as bipolar disorder, ADD, or ADHD. Once they determine this, they can prescribe a medication or medications for you. 

The psychiatrist can ask you to come back more than once. This is because they need to monitor your medications to see how they are working. In most cases, you can start out on a low dose and then slowly move up to the amount you need. The medications offered may not work for you so the psychiatrist can wean you from these and give you a different prescription. 

It may take time to find the right medications to help you. This can be difficult as many medications take a few weeks to completely work. 

These treatments should help you feel better about college so you can enjoy your time there more.