Why Patients With General Anxiety Disorder Should Try Reiki

If you have been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, it is important to follow your doctor's instructions regarding medications and treatment. However, most doctors will tell you that adding non-pharmaceutical treatments to your routine can be beneficial. Reiki can be one of these treatments. A form of energy healing, reiki has a lot of benefits for those with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Here are the key benefits:

Relief of Muscle Tension

When you struggle with anxiety, it is common for your muscles to feel tight and clenched. This muscle tension can lead to headaches, backaches, and even nerve pain throughout your body. You might tell yourself to relax your muscles throughout the day, but as soon as you stop thinking about it, you tense up again. Reiki can help with this. The practice is very relaxing, and by the end of a session, your muscles should feel nicely loose and limber. This relief should help your whole body feel more relaxed, which will help keep your mind more relaxed, too.

Better Sleep

So many people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder struggle to get good sleep. And of course, when you do not sleep well, your anxiety tends to flare up throughout the day. Reiki can help break this cycle. By relaxing your body and mind, it can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. As you begin sleeping better, you may find that your anxiety does not bother you as much and that you have fewer anxiety attacks.

Improved Concentration

When you are dealing with relentless anxiety, day in and day out, your concentration is not usually the best. You might find yourself drifting off when someone is talking to you, or struggling to absorb important information in meetings. Reiki can give your mind a break from the constant rush of anxiety. When you emerge from a session, you should feel mentally calmer, which will give you more headspace to absorb the information you need and concentrate on what is happening around you. This improved concentration can help improve your performance in the workplace, at school, and even in your home life.

If you are looking for additional treatment for your anxiety, then give reiki a try. It is an age-old energy healing practice, and there are some incredibly effective practitioners in most areas. Look for a practitioner who specifically has experience working with anxiety patients for the best results.