Is a Water Birth Right for You?

For many new parents, the idea of having a water birth is a dream. Many people understand the benefits of water birth and the many advantages it can offer for both mother and child.

If you are thinking about going through a water birth, you may have a lot of questions. This is normal. If you are considering a water birth, these are some of the questions you might have.

What Exactly Is a Water Birth?

Water birth is a form of natural birth. This process involves a special birthing pool in which the laboring mother sits in water. Water birth may allow you to labor in the tub and get out for delivery or also deliver in the tub. The water will be warm, and the mom will get into the water when she feels the first signs of pain.

Why Should You Consider a Water Birth?

For one, many mothers find water birth comfortable. Stress relief during labor is important. Pain relief is also a reported advantage for many women who choose water birth. There is also a theory that babies are calmer when they come into the world through a water birth. Babies are used to being submerged in liquid, and entering the world in water is not dissimilar to their former environment. This may lessen the shock of birth.

Skin-to-skin contact can occur immediately after a water birth. A midwife or doctor can place the baby on the mother's chest immediately, allowing for bonding. In some cases, the mothers are the first to touch the child.

Many people also like water births because their partners and families can be present. Even minors can be present for a water birth

Are There Reasons Not to Choose a Water Birth?

If you have a medical reason to get a C-section, water birth may not be for you. The same applies if you have had a high-risk pregnancy, have diabetes, or have pre-eclampsia. If you are expecting multiples, you should also consult with a doctor before choosing this option. If you are pre-term, you should not consider a water birth. You should go to a hospital to ensure that you and your child receive the best possible care.

Consult With a Medical Professional

A medical professional can help you determine what kind of birth is right for you. A water birth can provide you with a lovely experience that you will treasure forever. Speak with a professional today to learn more about these types of deliveries.