Wonder About Allergies? Do This

After spending weeks going back and forth about whether you've got a cold or allergies, you may be looking for any way to find out for sure. Luckily, finding out about allergies doesn't have to be mysterious. Answering these questions, you can figure out what's physically happening.

What Have You Changed?

If you've been sneezing or feeling otherwise "off" only in the past few weeks, try to pinpoint what you've changed. Did you start using a new soap? Have you been drinking a new herbal tea? It's sometimes hard to realize that something you started doing for healthy or good reasons is creating an allergic response. You might also have switched a familiar brand for something else that has preservatives or additives that are affecting you. Once you suspect a particular item has been disrupting your health, you should simply stop using it to see what happens. 

Have You Tried Diet Eliminations?

Stopping or eliminating a suspect item is smart even if you have been feeling under the weather for some time. If you've been feeling fatigued or achy for the past few years, you may not even think that allergies are something you're suffering from. It might not be until someone else mentions their gluten sensitivity, for example, that you think such a sensitivity is possible for you too.

Some of the common things that cause a strong allergy reaction are eggs, milk, cheese, and any gluten-containing products. You can stay away from eggs for a week to see if you notice improvement; if not, you can then bring them back into your diet. You might then try taking out dairy foods. As you eliminate and reintroduce items, you may see that you find something causing a problem and stop using it for good.

Do You Feel Better When You Leave the House?

Sometimes allergens are lurking in the house. If you find that leaving your house always seems to coincide with a lessening of symptoms, you may need to figure out what in the house could be causing symptoms. It could be your pets. It might be mold in the walls that you're not aware of. It could be household cleaners with chemicals that bother you. Again, the trick will be to make small changes to see what seems to make the allergies go away.

If you're impatient and want to stop experiencing the uncomfortable feelings that allergies can bring, see your physician. ALCAT testing and other tests can be administered to definitively find the problem. For more information about allergy testing, reach out to a company such as Dino Peds.