Cremating A Deceased Loved One? Plan A Memorial Service And Decide What To Do With The Ashes

Cremating a loved one is a method of preserving the person's memory without the traditional burial. The cost of a burying a loved one is significantly higher than the cost of cremating a loved one, which is one of many reasons why you might want to go through with having this person cremated. Some people also prefer this option because they can keep the ashes close to them by spreading them out in the backyard or putting them inside of an urn. It is in your best interest to find out more on the cremation services that are offered before you make any arrangements for the deceased individual.

Planning a Beautiful Memorial Ceremony

When choosing to cremate a loved one, you will still get to have a memorial for this person. There are two basic options that may be provided to you. It is possible to have the person's body cremated quickly and then placed inside of an urn that you will bring to the funeral home with you when you are celebrating the life and legacy of the person who passed. However, if you would rather have a formal viewing, you can choose to wait to have the body cremated until after everyone has had the chance to see this person for the last time. The funeral director can help you prepare for the memorial ceremony by ordering flower arrangements, adding specific songs to the playlist for the ceremony, putting a tribute together, and handling any special requests you might have.

Deciding What to Do With the Ashes

After the memorial ceremony is over and the cremation process has been completed, you will receive your loved one's ashes and will then need to decide what to do with them. Some people like to spread the ashes out by trees or in their yards while others like to add the ashes to different types of urns. Traditional urns are often situated in a specific spot inside the home. However, there are other types of urns available, including pieces of jewelry that can store some of your loved one's ashes.  Wearing the jewelry could give you that feeling of being even closer than ever to the person who passed away.

If you are having your deceased relative cremated, you can still have a memorial ceremony for this person. It is one of several cremation services that are often provided by the funeral home. A funeral director, such as at Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel, can help you plan for the memorial ceremony while you decide what you are going to do with your loved one's ashes as soon as you receive them.