Potential Therapies To Consider For Difficult-To-Treat Depression

For individuals suffering from depression, relief can be elusive. While there are many types of medications to try to control or relieve depression symptoms, sometimes traditional medication is not an effective tool. People who are dealing with a major depressive disorder need alternatives when it comes to treatment, as a lack of relief can lead a person to suicidal thoughts and actions. Some people with hard-to-treat depression have found relief using ECT, acupuncture, or ketamine therapy to reduce symptoms. Each therapy is different, and it is safe to try a combination of these therapies with the supervision of a healthcare professional. 

Understanding The Basics Of ECT For Depression

ECT, or Electroconvulsive Therapy, is a treatment that has proven highly beneficial for individuals who are deeply depressed and aren't able to find any relief. It's an old process, but one that has been modified over the years for maximum benefit and fewer side effects. ECT is administered while under general anesthesia. The goal is to alter brain chemistry through the use of small electrical waves. The process induces a short-lived seizure, which has shown to have a positive impact on people suffering from depression. 

Major Depression And The Efficacy Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is about balance. If you are feeling deeply depressed, acupuncture can help you find balance. Through the application of hair-thin needles, an acupuncturist will work to restore the natural balance of your body. People who receive treatment with acupuncture for depression often find that symptoms will lessen. Sometimes even one session can show dramatic improvement in a person with clinical depression that has been hard to treat. Acupuncture is painless, and produces health benefits for a wide variety of conditions.

Ketamine Therapy for Major Depression

For people who have treatment-resistant depression, ketamine therapy has been showing a lot of promise. The therapy is new, and ketamine is a controlled substance that is often abused by people addicted to drugs. Ketamine targets different receptors in the brain than traditional medications, such as SSRIs, to treat depression. In addition, those suffering from major depression find relief after a day or two of ketamine therapy. This is much different than the weeks, or months, it often takes for traditional medication to work.

Treatment for depression is often mulit-faceted. Ketamine therapy shows promise, while ECT and acupuncture are both useful methods to reduce depressive symptoms. For more information, contact a company such as Newport Pain Management today.