Getting Through Breast Cancer Treatment One Day At A Time

When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, your mind can go reeling in all kinds of directions. If you have questions, it's important that you talk with your oncologist about these questions. While you can do research online, talk with your doctor about reputable sites that they suggest, or ask for information about your type of breast cancer. With so many questionable sources on the internet, it's necessary to get the facts from your doctor. Your treatment may involve surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, and you will need to focus on dealing with your treatment one day at a time. While you may feel overwhelmed, there are some steps you can take to make this time a little easier on you.

If You Have Children

One of the hardest parts about dealing with the treatments for breast cancer is that you might not feel great all the time. Chemotherapy, in particular, can be hard to manage physically. When you have children, trying to manage all of their needs while still taking care of yourself can take a toll on your overall health. If you have friends or family members asking how they can help, don't be afraid to accept the help. You may need rides for your children to get to dance class, to be picked up from school, or to be watched in your own home while you recuperate. 

Learn Some Relaxation Techniques

Going through any type of cancer is stressful. The more tools you have to deal with stress, the better. You can listen to meditation music, a guided meditation to help you relax, or learn specific deep breathing techniques that will bring a sense of calm. When you can help keep your stress levels down, you will improve your immune system and allow your body to heal from the cancer treatments.

Get Professional Support

Whether you join a support group for breast cancer survivors, begin seeing an individual therapist, or both, you will need professional support to help guide you through this process. While you may have very loving family and friends, people that truly know what you are going through are going to be your best support overall. When you have questions about treatment, when you are frustrated that people don't understand, a support group for cancer survivors will be an excellent place for you to find solace. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be hard, but with the right help in place, you will be able to focus on healing.