Preparing For A Tummy Tuck: Clothing Edition

As you get ready to undergo a tummy tuck, you know you have to arrange for time off work, have people scheduled to help you out for a few days, and stock the refrigerator with recovering-from-anesthesia-friendly foods. However, you also need to take a look at your clothing because the abdominal surgery is going to affect what you wear for several weeks after the surgery and beyond.

Loose, Comfortable, Stretchy Pants

You've likely guessed already that you won't be able to wear jeans for a while after the surgery just because you want the scar to heal without the tight waistband of the jeans tugging at your skin. However, because healing times are subjective and are different for everyone, you may want to invest in a few pairs of knit pants that have a soft, non-binding waist. Even sweatpants would work for informal situations. The scar site is going to be tender for a while, and even after the stitches are removed, the scar will remain rather fragile. Don't be so quick to hop back into jeans -- give your abdomen more time to recover than you initially think is necessary.

Compression Garments

Your surgeon may recommend that you wear a compression garment while healing. Get a few so you can wash them and always have clean ones on hand. The compression garment will help prevent the scar area from being pulled and yanked as you turn and move, so you don't want to find yourself stuck without one because the one you have is in the laundry. Get multiple garments; they aren't that expensive.

Bathing Suit Borders

The location of the scar can affect what sort of bathing suit you can wear later on. If you're not concerned about showing the scar, then any suit will do. But if you don't want to show the scar, and you like to wear bikinis or tankinis, find out from your surgeon approximately where it will be located. That will let you buy new suit bottoms that cover up the area with the scar. Be aware of bottoms where the waistband hits the scar; they can become irritating after a while.

A tummy tuck is a straightforward process, and recovery generally goes well for most people. Choosing the right clothing, though, and having enough compression garments on hand, will help your recovery and let you continue to enjoy life without worrying about what's happening to the scar. For more information, contact a business such as Renaissance Center For Facial & Body Sculpting.