Reasons Your Teenage Daughter May Benefit From A Breast Reduction

When you are the parent of a teenage daughter, the last thing you likely think they will need is a pediatric plastic surgeon. However, there has been a rise in demand from teen girls for breast reduction surgeries in recent years. While the reasons for the surge in cases is unclear, you may be wondering what you should do if your daughter has come to you asking for this type of medical care. Get to know some of the valid reasons that your teenage daughter may benefit from breast reduction surgery so that you can work with them to come to the right decision for their situation.

Her Breasts Affect Her Self-Esteem

While you may not think that large breasts could cause self-esteem problems for your daughter, you might be surprised that such an issue can cause low self-esteem and poor body image. Because most girls in middle school and high school are not fully developed, being the one young woman with extremely large breasts can lead to bullying, teasing, and unwanted attention in a variety of forms.

This behavior among your daughter's peers along with the feeling of not belonging or being different can lead to self-esteem issues. These self-esteem problems can also contribute to depression, anxiety, and even eating disorders. So, if your daughter tells you that her large breasts are having a negative effect on her mental or emotional health, you should take these concerns seriously.

Her Breasts Cause Her Physical Pain

Many young women with large breasts find that they can be physically painful. Most notably, women with overly large breasts tend to suffer from severe (and chronic) back and neck pain. This pain can occur even with properly fitted bras to help support their breasts and can cause them to have difficulty maneuvering their everyday lives.

Because your daughter may also develop poor posture or other bad habits to try to relieve the pain in their back and neck, this can lead to other back and neck health problems later in life as well. In addition to the pain due to the weight of the breasts, your daughter may also have trouble with chaffing from bra straps and underwire, straps that dig into their shoulders and back, and even rashes or infections from sweat and moisture trapped under the breasts. All of this physical pain can drastically reduce your daughter's quality of life.

Her Breasts Keep Her From Joining School Activities

Finally, as a younger child, your daughter may have been actively involved in dance, sports, or other activities that she loved. However, with overly large breasts, she may not feel comfortable participating in those activities anymore.

Even something like marching band may maker her feel uncomfortable because of the fit of the uniform, the discomfort, and the reactions of her peers. Rather than let your daughter be limited in her school involvement, you may want to consider allowing her to consult with a pediatric plastic surgeon to determine if a breast reduction will allow her to be more involved in the activities she previously enjoyed.

With these reasons in mind, you and your daughter can better determine if breast reduction surgery is the right option for her situation. For more information, speak with the staff a local plastic surgery clinic like Shriners Hospitals for Children – Cincinnati