Two Treatments To Consider For Treating Neurological Problems

When you suffer neurological trauma, your quality of life can be seriously compromised. In some cases, when looking for treatment, your best hope will be to prevent further damage and retain what functionality you have. In other cases, treatment can help you to regain functionality. Knowing what treatments are available and what they can accomplish for you will help you to make confident decisions about the care you or your loved ones receive. 

Hyperbaric Chambers

While a lack of oxygen to the brain can cause serious damage, increasing the amount of oxygen flowing to the brain can promote healing. A hyperbaric chamber delivers 100% percent oxygen to the brain under high pressure. While such treatment cannot reverse the affects of an injury, it will promote healing, which can help you to regain some functionality after a serious injury. In particular, hyperbaric oxygen has proven to be helpful in treating brain damage suffered during a stroke or after other traumatic brain injuries. Another attraction of using hyperbaric treatment is that you are not introducing drugs into your body. Any drug has side effects, but because oxygen is something that your body requires anyway, you don't have to worry about your treatment causing further problems. 

Medically Induced Coma

While a hyperbaric chamber can promote healing after an injury, sometimes there is no time. When responding to massive trauma, your body's response is to shut off blood flow to damaged areas. Reduced blood flow means reduced oxygen levels, which can further damage a brain. A medically induced coma will slow down brain functions, which can increase the amount of time available to doctors to repair the brain before it starts shutting down. If you or a loved one has suffered massive head trauma, then authorizing doctors to induce a coma may be the only option available. Because there are risks to inducing a coma, it should only be considered when the consequences of not inducing a coma include severe loss of bodily functions or death. 

These are just a couple of the treatments available for treating neurological damage. Obviously, you don't want to just choose from these two options. Instead, you will want to take whatever time you have available to consider your options and choose the option that offers the best opportunity for success with the fewest risks of side effects. Seeking out an expert in neurological treatment and services, such as Mohsen M. Hamza, M.D., can help you in making your choice.