Questions About Medicare Supplement Plan G

There are many different Medicare supplement plans to help cover the costs that are not paid by Original Medicare. One of these plans is Plan G. Here are a few questions and answers about Medicare Supplement Plan G to help you understand this coverage:

What charges does Medicare Supplement Plan G help cover?

Hospice Care

Hospice care is often available to help terminal patients feel more comfortable during their final stages of life. Original Medicare covers a portion of hospice charges through Medicare Part A. However, there is still coinsurance and a co-payment that the Medicare beneficiary must pay out-of-pocket unless there is appropriate supplemental coverage. Medicare Plan G helps cover your out-of-pocket hospice expenses.

Hospital Charges

Medicare Plan G helps cover inpatient hospital charges. Medicare Part A traditionally covers inpatient costs, but there is still a portion that is deemed patient responsibility. Medicare Supplement Plan G helps you pay the coinsurance that remains after Medicare Part A pays. In addition, Plan G helps pay hospital charges after other Medicare benefits have been exhausted.


Medicare Part A Deductible

The deductible, which is the portion of the medical bill that must be covered by the beneficiary before Medicare begins to pay, can be a burden if you are not prepared for the cost. However, Medicare Supplement Plan G can help cover the Part A deductible.


Medicare Supplement Plan G helps cover the cost of blood that is needed for a medically necessary procedure.

Medicare Part B Co-payment and Coinsurance

Medicare Part B does have a deductible, but it can change annually. Once the Medicare Part B deductible has been fully met, you are still responsible for 20 percent of the Medicare-approved charge. This 20 percent, which is sometimes called the coinsurance, can be covered using Medicare Supplement Plan G.


Skilled Nursing Facility

If you need nursing home care, Medicare Plan G helps cover the associated coinsurance.

Foreign Emergencies

Plan G also helps cover the travel associated with an emergency that transpires on foreign soil.

Is Medicare Supplement Plan G coverage standardized?

Medicare Plan G covers the same things regardless of the insurance carrier from which you purchase your coverage. Still, different insurance carriers may charge different amounts for Plan G coverage, and the coverage is not always available from every insurer. As a result, to ensure that you pay the lowest price for your coverage, it is best to compare rates between insurance carriers.

To learn more about Medicare Plan G, contact a Medicare Supplement Plan carrier like Senior Care Insurance Services in your area.