How Can Nasal Spray Help With Your Baby's Cold?

Nasal spray can be very helpful for babies with colds. If you're a parent with a sick baby, nasal spray can be a valuable medicine to have on hand.

How can nasal spray help with your baby's cold?

Babies don't know how to blow into facial tissues, which means that when a baby gets a cold, the baby's nose is likely to run down his or her face. For this reason, relieving a baby's congestion is often a top priority for parents who want to keep their babies comfortable and happy. Many babies are unable to take cough and cold medicine, so nasal spray is one of the few medicines that parents can safely use to treat their baby. Nasal spray helps to dilute mucus and close up blood vessels in the nose. This can help with congestion and open up the baby's airway, allowing him or her to breathe a little easier.

What can you do to administer nasal spray to a baby?

Lay the baby down on his or her back and tilt the head back slightly. Drop two or three drops into the nostril. Start with the most congested nostril first, because the baby might become difficult after he or she realizes what's happening, and you may get less in the other nostril. Wipe away extra nasal spray with a facial tissue and move on to the next nostril.

Is nasal spray safe for babies?

Your chosen nasal spray should be safe if it is a saline spray that indicates on the package it's safe for babies. Do not give your baby any nasal spray that does not specify that it's safe for children.

What else can you do to relieve your baby's congestion?

Other things you can do for your baby's cold include:

  • Give your baby a drink of honey and water (if your baby is over 1 year old). Honey is antibacterial, which may help with your baby's illness. Honey also soothes bronchial passages, which can help if your baby has a cough.
  • Use a nasal aspirator. A nasal aspirator can be used to remove congestion from your baby's nasal passages. Simply squeeze the bulb, insert the end of the aspirator into your baby's nose, then release the bulb so that it can suck air (and mucus) through your baby's nostril.
  • Allow your baby to breath warm steamy air. Put your baby in a bathroom with a warm shower running. This will help sooth your baby's airways and make it easier to breathe.
  • Call your baby's doctor. Call your baby's doctor and describe the symptoms over the phone. Even if your baby has a simple cold, the doctor can still give you advice to help you care for your baby and keep your baby as comfortable as possible.

Following these tips, you may be able to help your baby recuperate from his or her cold as quickly as possible. To learn more, contact a company like Dymista