Why Does Your Mouth Hurt?

There can be a lot of reasons why you may be experiencing tooth, gum or general mouth pain. Some of the reasons are ones that should send you in to the dentist for an examination and possible treatment. However, other causes may be ones that you can treat at home. The information detailed here will help explain some of the reasons for different mouth pains to you and help you understand what you can do to deal with them.

Reasons for toothaches

There can be a lot of reasons for toothaches. Some of those reasons aren't all that serious, but most reasons for an aching tooth will warrant a trip to the dentist office in order to have the problem treated properly. Some of the reasons include:

Cavities – If you have a cavity, then it can cause you to experience pain. The only way to take care of this is to have it taken care of by the dentist. Small cavities may only require a filling, where large ones can require more extensive forms of treatment, such as a crown or root canal.

Exposed nerves – Exposed nerves can cause you to experience a lot of pain that radiates deep into your jaw and can range from stinging and sensitivity to throbbing pain. Most times, the treatment will be to put a crown on the tooth, although other treatments may be available depending on the extent of damage to the tooth.

Tooth infections – An infected tooth will also cause pain. The pain can include an aching, throbbing and even the sensation of a stabbing feeling. An infection can be easy to treat, but it will require you to be put on antibiotics. You don't want to put off treatment for an infection; the infection can spread throughout your body and make you very ill.

Reasons for gum pains

Gum pain can be caused by different things as well. One of the common reasons for pain in your gums is gum disease. Signs of gum disease include bad breath, pain, inflammation and even bleeding gums. The treatment for this condition will be easier the earlier the problem is caught. Treatment can include professionally cleaning your gums, scraping them with a dental instrument and in severe situations can include surgery. Another cause of gum pain can be having something stuck between your gum and tooth. In this case, the dentist will use a dental tool to remove whatever is stuck.

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