Health Tips: Keep Diabetes Away & Early Signs To Watch Out For

You may not think that diabetes is something you need to worry about. But the truth is, it affects many people. And what is worse is that statistics show that around 8.1 million Americans have diabetes, and they do not even know it. The following guide will show you how to decipher the tell-signs related to diabetes and what the disease is.

Keep Diabetes Away

Making sure you protect yourself from diabetes should be a priority, as it is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States. It is a disease that attacks your body's natural secretion of insulin. Insulin is a special molecule that your pancreas releases to help open up some of the cells in your body to absorb glucose. Glucose comes from most of the food you eat after your stomach breaks down your food and provides cells with fuel, which gives you energy.

Diabetes stops this cycle, so your blood cells cannot absorb the glucose your body keeps producing, making your blood rich in glucose or sugar and changing your life considerably.

Consider the following to keep diabetes from attacking your body:

  • Stay away from all processed foods, which includes things like high fructose, processed sugar, or processed white flour
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight
  • Make sure you sleep well
  • Do not stress
  • Try eating healthy sugars, like coconut sugar or raw honey, but in moderation
  • Eat a diet full of dark greens, probiotics (like yogurt or fermented vegetables), and sprouted foods
  • Keep garlic and ginger in your diet, as they have been shown to have antidiabetic properties

You can talk to your health care specialist about any other things that you can do to keep yourself healthy and diabetes-free.

Symptoms Related To Diabetes

Be sure to pay attention to the following diabetes-related symptoms:

  • Increased thirst that may seem unexplainable
  • You might feel hungrier than usual, especially after finishing up a full meal
  • Dry mouth episodes
  • Frequent urine infections or simply going to urinate more than usual
  • You might lose a lot of weight even though you are eating normally and not exercising excessively
  • Fatigue, even if you get a good night's sleep
  • You may experience blurred vision from time to time
  • Headaches might plague you without reason

Remember that these symptoms are only going to worsen if you do not do something about them, so make sure you talk to your health care specialist should you suspect diabetes. For more information, contact West Ocean City Injury & Illness Center or a similar location.