The Dos And Don'ts Of Going To The Podiatrist

Some people go through a great deal of preparation before heading to the podiatrist. The thought of experiencing embarrassment when taking off your shoes in front of another person might have you going overboard with the prep work. Unfortunately, some prep can impact your podiatrist's ability to spot problems. Here are nine dos and don'ts of preparing for a podiatrist appointment.

  1. Do not get a pedicure. Pedicures have a risk of developing infections associated with them. If you have a pre-existing foot condition, it could make it worse. If you still want the pedicure, wait until after you see the podiatrist to ensure there are no current problems.
  2. Do take along a pair of shoes. Pack up a pair of shoes that you normally wear for the appointment. Your podiatrist can learn a lot about your feet's condition from them, including whether or not they are providing enough support.
  3. Do not shave your legs. Hair on your toes and legs is a sign that you have good blood flow. Without it, your podiatrist could be concerned you have a problem.
  4. Do write down any problems. If you are currently experiencing any problems, write them down before the appointment. Take the list with you to ensure you do not forget anything.
  5. Do not paint your toenails. Polish can hide evidence of fungal infections under your toenails. A proper assessment is only possible with no polish. 
  6. Do make a list of current medications. Your podiatrist needs to know what medications you are taking for several reasons. Certain medications can possibly cause foot problems. 
  7. Do not avoid asking questions. Even if you feel embarrassed, it is important you ask questions about your foot health. Write down the questions and give them to the podiatrist if you need to. 
  8. Do answer questions honestly. If your podiatrist gave you instructions on foot care and you have not followed them, let him or her know. This can help your doctor better assess your feet's current condition.
  9. Do not forget to take a friend. If you are scheduled for a procedure on your feet, take a friend along. You might not feel up to driving after the appointment. He or she can also help ensure you heard and understood the podiatrist's aftercare instructions.

An appointment with a podiatrist, like Advanced Foot Clinic, can be a simple assessment if you prepare properly ahead of time. Each time you go to the podiatrist, make note of other things you can do to make your next appointment go smoothly.