Finding The Perfect Pair Of Glasses

Glasses can make life easier and safer for you, but whether you need to wear them all day long or only pop them on for reading, computer work or crafting, you want to pick a pair that looks great. Selecting the right frame size, style and color are the keys to choosing the perfect eyeglasses for you.

Know Your Shape

The first thing to consider is the shape of your face, which is not always easy to determine. The four most common face shapes are round, diamond, square and oval. Begin by pulling your hair away from your face and looking in a mirror.

  • If your face is balanced and symmetrical with a narrow chin, narrow forehead and round cheeks, you have an oval face. While oval faces look good in almost anything, your best pair will be slightly oversized and wider than the broadest area of your face.
  • A round face also has wide cheeks, but the width and length of your face will have similar proportions and you'll have no noticeable angles. Rectangular frames with bold angles that rest just above your cheekbones will flatter your face.
  • If you have a wide forehead and wide cheeks with a narrow chin, your face is heart-shaped. Square or round glasses will balance the curves of your face.
  • A square face is wide at the cheeks, chin and forehead with clearly defined angles at the cheeks, jaw and forehead. Thin, rounded frames that are slightly wider than your cheekbones will soften your features.

Know Your Colors

Determining which colors best suit you will also help you find the perfect pair of eyeglasses.

  • If you look great in colors such as black and white, royal or navy blue and charcoal gray, you have cool undertones.
  • If you glow when wearing earth tones, such as creamy off-white, sunny yellow and earthy brown, you have warm undertones.

Find a color wheel such as the interactive one provided by Sessions College and pick a color that suits your undertone. Choose a complementary color opposite of the one you chose. You can also select an analogous color, which is a shade directly to the left or right of the first color you selected on the wheel. Any of these tones will complement your face.

Take your time when trying on new glasses. Look at yourself from several angles and, if you can, bring along a trusted friend who will tell you what looks hot and what is not. Pick a pair you love so you can wear them with comfort and confidence. Also, vista a provider that has a wide variety of options, such as Eye Tech Optical.