2 Reasons To Ask Your Dentist About A Same-Day Crown

A crown is one of the more inconvenient dental procedures you can undergo, mostly because a traditional crown will require multiple appointments to complete. Two reasons to get a same-day crown instead of a traditional one are to avoid discomfort and save time.

Avoid Discomfort

The worst part about getting a crown is that there are multiple ways in which it can cause you discomfort. To begin, you will need to wear a temporary crown after your first appointment. The reason for this is that, in most cases, the dentist will need to order your permanent crown and apply it at a later date.

The issue is that a temporary crown will often not fit very well. This means that it can begin moving and scraping along your gums, which can cause bleeding and infections.

In addition, a temporary crown will also allow air and liquid to reach your tooth because it is not a perfect seal. If your tooth is extremely sensitive, any air and liquid that reaches your tooth will cause severe pain.

However, when you get a same-day crown, you will be able to avoid experiencing that discomfort because a temporary crown is not necessary. This is because the dentist will be able to create a permanent crown and apply it during your initial appointment.

Save Time

Taking time off of work for a dental appointment can be hard sometimes, and it can be even harder to manage if you need to take time off multiple times for a single procedure. However, since many dentists now have access to the fabrication equipment to create their own crowns in-house, you only need one appointment to finish the procedure. This is great if you have a job that is extremely busy, or if you find it hard to make room in your schedule.

In addition, not having to wear a temporary crown can also save you time. The reason for this is that temporary crowns will often break or come off, which will require you to go to the dentist again to get a new temporary crown.

Ask a dentist like Smile Designers Family Dentistry about a same-day crown today and how it can help you. A same-day crown is perfect for busy people who don't have a lot of time available for multiple dentist appointments. This type of crown can also help minimize discomfort and pain when compared to a traditional crown procedure.